Polyans is a computer program for the typing polymorphic bands on electrophoresis gel. Each genotyping code of polymorphic bands is automatically typed based of digital images of electrophoresis gels. Polyans is developed by Dr. Takanari Tanabata, Kazusa DNA Research Institute. Polyans is provided as freeware.

What's New

2013/10/2 Version 1.2 was updated and supports Windows 8.

2010/5/7 Version 1.2 was released.
Gel image view option was updated. View -> Band character: Display of band characters on a gel image Zoomable gel image.
Installer was updated. No need to install the two programs ‘Open Computer Vision Library (OpenCV)” and “Visual Studio 2005” prior to installation of PolyansSetup.exe.

2009/1/30 Installer was updated. Automatic function for adding the Open CV folder to System variable Path was added.

2008/12/19 Version 1.02 was updated.

2008/ 8/26 Version 1.0 was released.

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