A Database of Human Unidentified Gene-Encoded Large Proteins Analyzed
by Kazusa Human cDNA Project

Thank you for your interest in our HUGE Protein Database

The HUGE protein database has been created to publicize the fruits of our Human cDNA project at the Kazusa DNA Research Institute. In this project, we plan to sequence and analyze long (>4 kb) human cDNAs and to establish methods by using the sequence data how to predict the primary structure of proteins of various biological activities. Currently, we focus on the analysis of cDNA clones encoding particularly large proteins (>50 kDa). The basic concept underlying our project and the strategies employed have been described elsewhere (Ohara et al., 1997). Our HUGE protein database contains various types of information derived from the predicted primary structure data of newly identified human proteins.

The HUGE protein database are expected to cover various sets of large human proteins of hitherto unidentified functions. They are likely to be involved in cellular structure/motility (such as cytoskeleton, membrane skeleton, and motor proteins), gene expression and nucleic acid metabolism, cell signaling/communication (such as cellular adhesion, signal transduction, channels, and receptors), and so on.



We thank Takatsugu Hirokawa, Seah Boon-Chieng, and Shigeki Mitaku for allowing us to use the SOSUI program for the prediction of transmembrane helical regions.



Database for Clone Resources

  • KOP (Kazusa ORFeome Project) clones
    Flexi ORF clones and Flexi Halotag ORF clones which include the defined open reading frame are available. Please visit KOP.

  • OC (ORFeome Collaboration) clones
    As a member of OC, we started distributing the human ORF clones (OC clones) from the ORFeome collection.

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Kazusa Mouse cDNA project

  • Rouge (ROdent Unidentified Gene-Encoded large proteins)
    Mouse homologues of KIAA and FLJ cDNA clones. Please visit Rouge.

New site-specific recombination systems

  • VCre/VloxP and SCre/SloxP system
    Please visit SSR.

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