A Database of Rodent Unidentified Gene-Encoded Large Proteins Analyzed
by Kazusa Mouse cDNA Project

Thank you for your interest in our ROUGE Protein Database

The ROUGE protein database is a sister database of HUGE protein database which has accumulated the results of comprehensive sequence analysis of human long cDNAs (KIAA cDNAs). The ROUGE protein database has been created to publicize the information obtained from mouse homologues of the KIAA cDNAs (mKIAA cDNAs).

Since KIAA genes were characterized as unknown genes at least at the time of being sequenced, little is known about their biological functions. To understand physiological roles of KIAA genes in human, we expect that functional characterization using a model animal makes a great contribution of exploration of physiological functions. In this respect, we selected mouse as the model mammal, and started cloning cDNAs for mouse homologues of KIAA genes.


This study was supported by the CREATE Program (Collaboration of Regional Entities for the Advancement of Technological Excellent) from JST (Japan Science and Technology Corporation) and grant from the Kazusa DNA Research Institute.

  • Summary (PDF) of the CREATE Program


    How to obtain mFLJ/mKIAA clone(s)